Brackish Water Plant (R.O. System)
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Brackish Water Plant (R.O. System)

These systems are designed for any application that requires high output Reverse Osmosis equipment. We can also customize these units as per the feed water parameters, whether it be Bore well or brackish Water.

All of the components are of the highest quality, and arranged on a single compact frame, for maximum utilization of space. The equipments can be custom designed to work with feed water that contains up to 40,000 parts per million of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids.)

AQUAKENZO is supplied all the system using following Product

  • FRP Vessel :- Pentair
  • R.O.Membrane :- DOW Film Tec / Hydranautics :- All Made in USA
  • Pumping System :- Grundfoss
  • Pressure Vessel :- Advance / Pentair
  • Dosing System :- Toshcon Jesco
  • Piping and Fittings :- uPVC Lead Free / S.S. – 316

Brackish Water Plant (R.O. System)
Fully Automatic 15,000 Liters per hour Reverse Osmosis system for Brackish water treatment for Boiler and Food industries in feed. No Operator is require for this plant operation Installed at Yemen
Brackish Water Plant (R.O. System)
The R.O.System shown in above pictures mounted on complete S.S. Structural skid which able to produce the 2000 Liters/Hour. System incorporates with the Dosing System for pH Correction and Anti Scalent Dosing. The High Pressure pump from Grundfoss and Dow Film Tec/ Hydranautics – USA Membranes.
3000 Liters per hour AQUAKENZO RO 3KBW model for treating Brackish Water with PLC control Panel and Groundfoss pump
Treatment Schemes
Sources of Water   Giecl Treatment Schemes
Deep well water : Pretrement with R.O.System
Bore Holle Water : Chlorination, Pretrement with R.O.System
River Water : Chlorination, Filtration and Ozonation(Option: R.O.System)
Lake Water : Chlorination, Filtration with U.V.& Ozonation
Sea Water/Sea Source : Chlorination, Filtration with De-Salination, R.O.System and Ozonation
10,000 Liters per hour BW R.O.System installed at Mauritius
15,000 LPH R.O. System with Auto Flushing System / Cleaning System for Brackish Water treatment
8,000 Liters per hour R.O.System for Brackish Water treatment with Flushing and Chemical Cleaning option
R.O.System for 3,000 Liters per hour for Drinking application with S.S. Skid and Panel
Model Selection
Model No.   Product Output Ltrs.(Gallon)/Hour   Treatment Scheme   Application
100 BW   100(26.41)   MCF, HPP, R.O.System Mobile unit   Home,Hospital, Drinking, Kidney Dialysis,Process
500 BW   500(132)   MCF, HPP, R.O.System   Drinking, Green House Agriculture, Kidney Dialysis
1000 BW   1000(264.17)   PSF, ACF, ASD,MCF, HPP, R.O.System ozone   Mineral Water, Boiler, Cooling Tower, Electronic Ind.
2000 BW   2000(528.34)   PSF, ACF, ASD,MCF, HPP, R.O.System. U.V. System, Ozonation   Beverages, Pharma, Textile, Industrial Application, Bottled Water, Soft Drink, Juice
5000 BW   5000(1320.86)   Cl2 ,PSF, ACF, ASD,MCF, HPP, R.O.System   Pharma, Textile, Industrial Application, Soft Drink, Paper
8000 BW   8000(2113.37)   Cl2 ,PSF, ACF, ASD,MCF, HPP, R.O.System   Power Generation, Cooling Tower, Suger, Textile, Dyeing
10000 BW   10,000(2641.72)   Cl2 ,PSF, ACF, ASD,MCF, HPP, R.O.System   Power Generation, Effuent Re- Cycling, Sugar, Textile,Dyeing
RWP : Raw Water Pump   Cl2 : Chlorine Dosing   Ozone : Ozonation System
SOF : Softening Unit   ASD : Anti Scalent   ACF : Activated Carbon Filter
R.O. : Reverse Osm   U.V. : Ultra Violet   Hpp : High Pressure Pump
MCF : Micron Catridge   PSF : Pressure Sand Filter   Coagu : Coagulation
5000 LPH General Industrial Purpose
2500 PLH Pharmacuetical

The Complete Industrial R.O.System with Pretreatment in FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic) such as Raw Water Pump, Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, MCF and Complete Reverse Osmosis System mounted on M.S. Structural Skid.

Instruments like Pressure Guage, Pressure Switches, Flow Indicator, TDS Controller, Electrical Panel with all Safety Features.

RO System with D.M.Plant with Mix Bed Unit (M.B.Unit) For GMP, WHO and SCH M for Tablet, Liquid Product
The Conventional Water treatment System for Pharmaceuticals application to produce high quality water for Tablet, Liquid, Process water and equipment’s washing.

The Raw Water pass through the R.O.System with Cation and Anion Exchanger and further it will pass through the Mix bed Unit which will allow producing the Typical < 2 Conductivity water.

The High Purity Water will further pass through the 1 & 0.2 micron Absolute Micron Cartridge filter and U.V.System and store in to the Close Loop Tank.

The Complete System will be FRP and S.S. only with Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches and Safety features incorporate with Electric control panel.
Hot Water Senitizable RO System for WFI (Water For Injection) With USP 25, 26, 27 Standards
The Complete Sophisticated Hot Water Senitizable R.O.System for high purity water with Automatic Operation with Sanitary fittings. System is completely in S.S. – 316 high grade materials. The Inbuilt Hot Water generation system will provide immediate Hot Water for Sanitization with Tank and Pump Provided with system with all controls and Safety.
Mix Bed Unit   25 - 50 LPH R.O.Plant   100 -200 LPH R.O.Plant   Media Filter
Mix Bed Unit
25 - 50 LPH R.O.Plant
100 -200 LPH R.O.Plant
Media Filter
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